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Having Problems Opening Files On your Computer ?
Malware Stopping You From Downloading Our Support Tool .
Try this it may help .
You may see "Application can not be executed" Security Warning when your computer is infected with a rogue anti-spyware application or other malicious software. Malware blocks legitimate software (especially anti-virus) and states that the requested file is infected (usually an executable file). Then it asks whether you want to activate antivirus software (fake) or not. If such error occurs, you should just ignore the error , leave it open and move the box out of your way ...
some of the fake boxes you may see are :
  keep trying to open the file provided until it succeeds making those popups go away .
you should then be able to connect to the internet and download our remote support program .
this file is not a fix .. it only allow you to connect with a professional to clean your pc.
Download and open this file on your Computer .
This will work if you keep trying ..
you may try to Boot Safe Mode With Networking .
For Safemode Download this file and open it
Click I agree . then click Ok ....
Windows Safe Mode with networking is a way of booting up your Windows operating system in order to run administrative and diagnostic tasks on your installation. When you boot into Safe Mode with networking the operating system only loads the bare minimum of software that is required for the operating system to work. This mode of operating is designed to let you troubleshoot and run diagnostics on your computer. Windows Safe Mode loads a basic video drivers so your programs may look different than normal.
if that does not work You may try to get into safemode like this :
F8 - By pressing the F8 key right when Windows starts, usually right after you hear your computer beep when you reboot it, you will be brought to a menu where you can choose to boot into safe mode with networking. If it does not work on the first try, reboot and try again as you have to be quick when you press it. I have found that during boot up right after the computer shows you all the equipment , memory, etc installed on your computer, if you start lightly tapping the F8 key you will usually be able to get to the desired menu.
Be sure to select SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING that way your internet will work .
Once in safemode with networking you may have to click yes to a dialog.
Try Your Internet at this point and see if you can connect .
Usually Firefox will connect when others will not .
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